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    There are several reasons to use software in your company, however, it is essential to clearly understand their specific, priority and critical problems to be solved or improvements and opportunities that you want to achieve ...
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  • How much?

    Any investment in the company needs to evaluate the return of the same, in the same way if you need to do an investment on software...
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  • How to develop?

    The secret of the quality of a good system is the maturity of their software development process...
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Software for Industry 4.0 (I4.0)


Industry 4.0 takes us from Mass Production to the new paradigm of Mass Customization.The Cibersur developed specific software for migration of any industry to I4.0, which makes use of scanning and complete control of processes and integrates human experience, in form of AI (artificial intelligence), for production of SMART PRODUCTS, SMART FACTORIES, consisting of SOCIO-CPPSs (socio cyber-physical production systems) that control themselves, are SOFTWARE-ORCHESTRATED running at RT (real time), communicate with each other IoT (internet of things) with Customers and Suppliers for IoS (internet of services), and implements standard RAMI4.0 (reference architecture model for industry 4.0).

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Your Software


Your Business, Your Software


What problems can be solved by software ?. Analyze software may be the solution you need for problems and needs of your company.

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How much to invest?


The benefits generated from acquisition of software.


What is the average amount of software investment in my business? How much My competitors are investing? I need use of custom software, how can I get?

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Process - "Only manage what you measure"


Cibersur software development process is iterative and incremental, based on UP, in AGILE XP methodology, in UML modeling and Function Point Analysis.

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Intranet application, Industrial Process Management, Process Management in Health, and Industry 4.0 is our main focus.
Contact us and get to know the advantages of developing a software in CIBERSUR.

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